Corvid-19 Update

We are now open for outdoor training sessions and will be transitioning those sessions into the studio from the 4th of July.  Stay safe, sane and strong and see you soon!

Results - multiplied.

Losing weight is more than losing pounds on the scales.  It's about regaining your energy, strength and vitality.  When you're working long hours, you can't afford to waste time guessing at the right approach when it comes to your health - there just isn't time in the day. 

If you've got a little, or a lot, to lose then I can help.  


In our exclusive private Personal Training studio Health² Personal Training, based in Clarendon Business Centre Sandford Gate in Oxford, we help people regain their confidence, energy and lust for life. 

Check out the TESTIMONIALS page for a selection of great stories from clients past and present - they tell it much better than we could.

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